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Transparent Paper A9

Transparent Paper A9

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1 rolls of white thermal paper, 77×30mm translucent paper roll size, the printed content can be stored for 5 years.
BPA-free thermal paper is nontoxic and harmless, durable and environmentally, and safe to use.
Smooth and flat surface, clearer printing quality. Waterproof, oil-proof, and anti-friction.
Inkless printing is suitable for PeriPage A9 mini printer. Perfect for printing wrong questions, photos, memos, lists, work plans, journals, office messages, study notes, files, etc.

Paper Type: Sticky Thermal Paper
Quantity: 1 Box-3 Rolls
Paper Roll Size: 77×30mm translucent paper
Preservation Time: 5 Years

Please keep it in a dry and cool environment, the photo time will vary according to the environment.

Packing List:
x Thermal Paper Rolls

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