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PeriPage A8 Series

PeriPage A8 Series

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Print Definition

Gone are the days when you had to carry huge printers in order to print your documents or your photos. Now, you have the PeriPage™ HTBRID 8-type Mini Printer that you can carry into your pocket! This lightweight, portable printer is your ideal travel companion and is suitable for people of all walks of life- student, teacher, historian, librarian, doctor, photographer, you name it!

The PeriPage™ HTBRID 8-type Mini Printer 203DPI is the renewed, slightly more mature, version of the printer that Peripage has become familiar with. In addition to the functions that its smaller brother also has, you can also use the Peripage A8 as a power bank. The printer's power bank function provides 2800 mAh so you can recharge your phone without any problems. It also has a clip on the front where you can clamp your last print between.

PeriPage™ Mini Printer is a user-friendly device compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It is a simple, easy to use and reliable miniature printer! You don’t even need to be connected to the internet to print messages, memos, photos, drawings and other content!

You have 2 variants of the PeriPage™ HTBRID 8-type Mini Printer ; the HYBRID 8-type (204 DPI) and the HYBRID+ (304DPI). You can choose one according to your needs!


Elegant Design: The PeriPage™ HTBRID 8-type Mini Printer is simple yet sleek. The whole architecture is endowed with the characteristics of portability, ease of use and accessibility.

Ink-less Printing: You don’t need to have ink refills as PeriPage™ Mini Printer uses thermal technology to print.

Multi-Platform Compatibility: You can use PeriPage™ Mini Printer with both Android and iOS devices.

No Internet Dependency: You don’t need an internet connection for printing. PeriPage™ Mini Printers use Bluetooth for connection.

Un-Restricted Text Length: You don’t need to worry about the page size and content length of your document! You can print as long documents as you want!

Powerbank function: The PeriPage™ HTBRID 8-type Mini Printer has a build-in powerbank function that allows you to recharge your phone (during emergencies). We don’t want your work to be interrupted! 


Memo-Clip: Attach your important print-outs to your mini-printer for easy access. These memo clips are made up of comfortable, Silica gel material and are available in different colours.


Charging: You don’t need to keep your printer plugged into a socket, you can just charge it using micro- USB charging cable.

Lithium Battery: It runs on a lithium battery, so you can go on without charging it for nearly an hour!

AR PHOTO: PeriPage Mini Printers provides Augmented Reality (AR) development services for iOS and Android mobile applications. We leverage the best cutting-edge AR technologies to deliver mind-blowing and immersive experiences.


How to operate it?

Download the app from App Store or Play Store, turn on the printer and connect it to your phone using Bluetooth. Select the image or file you want to print and press print. click here for complete manual


Package Details:

1 * Thermal Printer with Paper

1 * USB Cable

1 * Charging Adapter

1* Bookmark 

1* User Manual (English / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Thai / French / German / Russian / Spanish / Portuguese)



PeriPage™ Mini Printer A8 has two versions- 204 DPI and 304DPI.  

If you require faster printing and acceptable images then go for 204 DPI. But, 304 DPI is recommended when you require enhanced print quality like small fonts printing, barcode printing, detailed photos and graphics.


Cue Cards: The printing size paper of Peri Mini Page Printer is nearly the size of cue cards. So, the next time you have to go up to stage or present something, you user mini-printer to print the information you want on your cue cards. Print and paste on the paper on cards and your neat, tidy cue cards are ready!  

Selfies: Memories are important. Do you remember the last time you printed a photo? With Peri Mini Page Printer you can print your selfies and groupies. Give it to your friends and see their faces light up!

Lists: If you are someone who likes to have a to-do list or take shopping lists while going shopping, you can print out the list with Peri Page Printer easily! Have the satisfaction of crossing out items from the to-do list as you are done with them!  

Receipt: Service providing businesses require you to print out receipts for your customers. With Peri Printer, all you need is a laptop or a smartphone to be able to print out these receipts! It’s ideal for a small, portable business.

Bookmarks: You can print bookmarks for your books because nothing beats reading books in the physical form!

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