About Us (OUD)

PeriPage was founded in late 2017. A creative and youthful team was looking to create an elegant and compact printer that allowed the user to quickly and easily print photos, lists, memos, shipping labels, QR codes and much more. It had to appeal to both creative individuals and small businesses.

After a crowdfunding campaign, with over $5.000.000 raised, and after more than 1 year of development, the Pocket Printer was ready to conquer the international market.

Printing has never been easier with the free PeriPage app for Android and iOS. We have worked hard to develop a user friendly app that offers features to help the user with studying, taking notes and organizing work. It allows the user to let their creativity flow freely and to create the most beatiful scrap books and photo journals!

The PeriPage app and the compact size of the Pocket Printer make for a beautiful combination that allows the user to print while traveling, at work or at home. Anywhere, anytime. 

We will continue to innovate. We will develop modern hardware technology to improve our printers. We will create ingenieus software to improve our PeriPage app. We will do our best to offer you the best PeriPage experience.

Development History

We never stopped the pace of innovation, we will have more and 
more products on the market, printing wider, but still small and
portable, more useful, APP function continue to be updated,
more functional, covering more users and scene.